GUNS UP! – Patch 2.31 ist live

Valkyrie Entertainment veröffentlichten heute für ihr Free-2-Play-Spiel Guns Up! den Patch 2.31.

Der Patch ist 806,1MB groß und wir haben wie immer die Patch-Notes für Euch in englischer Sprache:

  • Features
    • Alliance Battles
      • Alliances can now complete in time-limited competitions called Seasons
      • Alliances will be ranked by total Alliance Points, which can be acquired by winning battles in the new game mode “Alliance Battle”
        • Alliance Battles awarded twice the normal amount of XP and pay out 5 cards for winning, each of which has a better than average chance to be a higher rarity card
        • Players will get three free Alliance Battles a day and can earn more by gaining Dog Tags in standard PVP or by purchasing additional battles with Gold
      • At the end of each season, Alliances and Individual Players will both receive special badges showing how they placed during the competition
        • Players will also receive exclusive card packs based on their Alliance’s performance
        • When the next season begins, all Alliances start fresh at 0 Alliance Points
    • Alliance Improvements (General)
      • Added an optional “Minimum Player Level to Join” setting for Alliances
      • Added Alliance Application Status indicators to the main Alliance screen
      • Added ability to switch the Custom Banner base items between your personal banner and your alliance banner
      • Alliance Home screen improvements, including a more usable ticker-style Bulletin display
    • New Trophies
      • “Resourceful” – Bronze – Play one more than your daily Alliance Battle limit
      • “Team Player” – Silver – Earn 300 Alliance Points in a Season

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed enemy units contributing progress towards medals and mission in CPU defend mode
    • Fixed structures occasionally not returning fire when their field of view is partially blocked
    • Added a check for the truck to stop if units further ahead have been fired upon by a blocked structure
    • Fixed tutorial objectives not being completable a second time, allowing users whose progress is reset to clear the objectives again
    • Fixed a display issue in the inventory that made resources appear to award double their actual value
    • Fixed Card Packs in the Inventory losing their lighting after combining or recycling three cards in the Card Combiner
    • Fixed Base Power rating no longer display until another structure is built or highlighted after removing a structure in Build Mode
    • Removed the unit selection sound when pressing the Left or Right directional buttons during a replay
    • Fixed an error that would occur if the mission timer reset while on the intel screen after completing a mission in CPU defend
    • Fixed veteran paratrooper units appearing as T-pose assault units in veteran menus
    • Fixed an issue that caused the scroll bar to display incorrectly when viewing different sized alliances
    • Fixed an error that would occur when accepting the application of a user that was already accepted by another alliance
    • Added „Full“ designation for alliances with no empty spots
    • Fixed alliance search settings resetting automatically
    • Fixed alliance creation logic rejecting names after the user entered a valid name right after entering an invalid name
    • Fixed lag when scrolling quickly through large player lists
    • Improved player profile load time
    • Fix to update the alliance gold cost correctly when going from insufficient gold to sufficient gold or vice versa
    • Fixed an error that would occur when attempting to interact with an alliance member that had since left the alliance
    • Fixed an issue in chat that would show demoting a player to Lieutenant as promoting to Lieutenant
    • Fixed an error that would occur when attempting to access an application after losing that specific permission
    • Fixed hero units‘ hero perk slots not displaying in the player profile or base details screens
    • Fixed leaderboard ranks displaying incorrectly when scrolling through several pages of players
    • Fixed friends list becoming blank when scrolling through friends that haven’t played GU in many months
    • Fixed an incorrect error about restricted accounts appearing when attempting to access the store from one region’s game client on another region’s PSN account
    • Fixed the circle button prompt being labeled „Cancel“ instead of „Back“ on the veteran management screen

    Known Issues

    • Boosts are not being applied or consumed during Alliance battles. You won’t lose any of your boosts uses by doing alliance battles, but there are greyed out boost icons on the post-game screen.
    • The Alliance Leaderboards will not update with new info if the user enters any of the sub menus available on the leaderboards, including View Alliance Profile, Alliance Discovery Screen, and ). Rebooting will fix this issue, but avoiding these sub-menus will keep the leaderboard updating live while you play.
    • Music and SFX audio levels reset after update. Can be readjusted in the game settings menu.

Guns Up! erschien am 9. Dezember 2016 für die PlayStation 4.

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