GUNS UP! – Patch 2.32 ist live

Valkyrie Entertainment veröffentlichten heute für ihr Free-2-Play-Spiel Guns Up! den Patch 2.32.

Der Patch ist 110,7MB groß und wir haben wie immer die Patch-Notes für Euch in englischer Sprache:

  • Fixed transport truck targeting non-threatening, non-blocking objects like sandbags and tank traps
  • Fixed boosts not applying to alliance battles
  • Fixed the audio settings being set to 0 for existing users (should fix users who have not touched audio settings, and leave others alone)
  • Fixed alliance leaderboards not updating after entering a sub-menu
  • Fixed alliance members being sorted by alliance points in the wrong order
  • Fixed issue where alliance battle opponents would not display alliance information or alliance banners
  • Fixed issue where an error would occur when accessing the members of an alliance while you are not in an alliance
  • Fixed an issue where the ‚Change Tabs‘ prompt would appear for leaders of an alliance when viewing the members of another alliance

Guns Up! erschien am 9. Dezember 2016 für die PlayStation 4.

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