GUNS UP! – Patch 2.40 ist live

Valkyrie Entertainment veröffentlichten heute für ihr Free-2-Play-Spiel Guns Up! den Patch 2.40.

Der Patch ist 671,1MB groß und wir haben wie immer die Patch-Notes für Euch in englischer Sprache:Features

  • Added Daily, Weekly, and Monthly leaderboards for CPU Defend
  • New Structure Upgrade Levels:
    • Sniper Tower – Added levels 17-21
    • Bunker – Added levels 17-21
    • Wall – Added level 7


  • Optimization to improve the performance of the game when many destroyed buildings are onscreen at once
  • Optimization to improve the performance in menus on accounts with large bases

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dog tags awarded from Defend Waves not updating until after doing your next PVP battle
  • Fixed resource requirements rarely showing up for the wrong crate in the inventory after scrapping a crate, which would cause an error to occur if you tried to open the crate
  • Fixed alliance battles not counting for missions that require Wins
  • Fixed users earning progress towards a bonus alliance battle when not in an alliance
  • Fixed an issue that caused full alliances to appear on the default alliance search page
  • Fixed incorrect sound effects playing when attempting to use valor when you don’t have the required amount
  • Fixed a rare issue that allowed users to assign more than one HQ Squad card
  • Fixed riot shield blocking friendly bullets in some cases
  • Fixed riot’s shots hitting barbed wire occasionally while standing in the barbed wire
  • Fixed training grounds card having an incorrect effect applied in some cases
  • Fixed issue with the bloodthirst perk not triggering when the unit was being healed by a medic

Guns Up! erschien am 9. Dezember 2016 für die PlayStation 4.

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