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HORIZON ZERO DAWN – Patch 1.13 erschienen

Das niederländische Entwicklerstudio Guerrilla Games hat heute einen weiteren Patch für Horizon Zero Dawn veröffentlicht. Dieser bringt nun das Abspielen von Musik im Hintergrund mit sich. Wir haben die ausführlichen Patchnotes für euch.


We’re pleased to announce that Patch 1.13 for Horizon Zero Dawn has been released today.

In addition to fixing a number of progression issues, technical issues and crashes, this patch also introduces several new features, as outlined below.

NOTE: This list may contain several spoilers!

If you encounter an issue while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, please try reloading a recent manual save, quicksave or autosave from the “Load” menu option. If the issue persists, please take screenshots of the area where it occurred and your location on the map, and forward them to us for further investigation.

New Features:

  • Added support for background music playback.


Progression Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in „The Point of the Spear“ where some players could escape the quest area and get stuck here, blocking progression of this quest.
  • Fixed an issue in „A Seeker at the Gates“ where some players could get stuck behind the gates to All-Mother Mountain.
  • Fixed an issue in „The City of the Sun“ where certain players were able to exit Olin’s basement during the ‚Investigate Olin’s Secret Workshop‘ objective.
  • Fixed an issue in „The Grave-Hoard“ where the objective would not update when the some player fast traveled away after activating the Holo Projector.
  • Fixed an issue in „Deep Secrets of the Earth“ where certain players could avoid triggering a cutscene, resulting in the quest not progressing.
  • Fixed an issue in „Fatal Inheritance“ where talking to Ranaman after freeing Daradi would cause Daradi to disappear for some players.
  • Fixed an issue in „Hammer and Steel“ where for some players the quest objective would not update after gathering all nine Behemoth Cables.
  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron Xi where certain players could avoid triggering a cutscene, resulting in the quest not progressing.

General Fixes:

  • Added the ability to drop treasure chests.
  • Fixed an issue in „The Point of the Spear“ where the objective ‚Meet Rost at the North Gate‘ would always be marked as failed for some players in the objective log.
  • Fixed an issue in „The Point of the Spear“ where the fix for duplicate spears introduced in Patch 1.12 would not solve the issue for some player if they already finished „In her Mother’s Footsteps“.
  • Fixed an issue after „The Proving“ for certain players where Aloy would not retrieve her Focus after visiting Rost.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could permanently lose the Tearblaster in their playthrough after selling it at a merchant. The Tearblaster will now be available to purchase from certain merchants after completing ‚Hunter’s Blind‘.
  • Fixed an issue where a pile of Ancient Debris appeared to be located underground for certain players.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were not able to pick up their loot when it was dropped in water.
  • Fixed an issue in the „Gatelands“ Bandit Camp where some players could get stuck in a rock after performing a ‚Strike from below‘.
  • Fixed an issue when certain players would try to mount during Aloy’s falling animation, causing Aloy to float in midair.
  • Fixed the issue where some players were able to gain +10,000 XP every time they cleared hunting trials with all Blazing Suns.

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed various miscellaneous crashes.

Horizon Zero Dawn wurde von der USK mit dem Alterskennzeichen „Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren“ versehen und erschien am 1. März 2017 exklusiv für die PlayStation 4. 



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