NEX MACHINA – Patch 1.05 erschienen

Housemarque hat heute für Nex Machina den Patch 1.05 veröffentlicht. Wir haben die Patchnotes des 1,047 GB Updates für euch:

Gameplay balancing + bug fixes

Please note that this patch disables all old replays recorded with older version of the game.

* Fixed Windows 7 start up crash issues (PC only)
* Crash fixes in rare cases
* Added minidump support (when game crashes, please send the minidump to Housemarque) (PC only)
* Added more information to Steam init failure message (PC only)
* Added auto detection for input type in menus for controller & keyboard+mouse (PC only)
* Added warning message box about low GPU memory (PC only)

* Optimized fluid rendering

* Fixed network connection detection when using virtual interfaces
* Tweaked communication logic with the server

* Added initial 21:9 support for testing purposes (PC only)
– Known issues are:
– Menus doesn’t support 21:9
– HUD doesn’t support 21:9
– Enemy arrow indicators aren’t near the borders of the screen
– Videos are using 1080p resolution

* Rookie: on final death, player drops all equipped powerups minus one
* Experienced: on final death, player drops all equipped powerups minus one
* Hero: Balanced more
* Hero: Added new gameplay
* Hero: Added shockwaves
* Hero: Disable restarts
* Hero: Player always starts with all powerups
* Hero: Player doesn’t drop powerups when dying
* Hero: Changed maximum multiplier to 999

* Added extra speed to tokens gravitating towards player from a large distance
* Fixed tokens getting pushed in the wrong direction when spawned inside a wall
* Fixed special ability tokens not being absorbed during level end sequence
* Fixed invincibility from special abilities (Smartbomb, Powershot etc.) disallowing players to move through dark beams
* Standardized player weapon damage against environment blocks + special exits to make upgraded shots feel more consistent (and less grindy)
* Fixed „All Humans Saved“ World Complete bonus (awarded when saving all normal + secret humans)
* Fixed „Conqueror“ World Complete bonus (awarded when saving all humans + finding everything else in the World)

* Longer invincibility time when respawning
* Added Dash Melee animation
* Buffed Sword
* Small nerf to Smartbomb (recharge time, invincibility time, damage radius)
* Powershot explosion doesn’t trigger revenge bullets
* Fixed Smartbomb activation during triple dash allowing 4x dashes

* Added floating animation to humans

* Tweaked some enemy collisions
* Fixed Disruptors spawning outside of gameplay area
* Crusher Ranged enemy telegraphs it’s attack better now. Difficulty based
* Disable dark beam collisions of Crusher Ranged when its arm is not extended
* Tweaked turret collision radius (slightly larger to make it easier to hit)
* Reduced water bot health on harder difficulties

Yeti Kong Boss
* Destroy Yeti Kong’s falling rocks upon boss death
* Destroy Yeti Kong’s barrels upon boss death
* Tweaked effects for Yeti Kong
* Tweaked Yeti Kong collisions to match visuals better

Helltron Boss
* Small balancing tweaks

Supreme AI Boss
* Balanced Supreme AI
* Fixed starting position of the enclosing beam attack of Supreme AI
* Fixed camera following during Supreme AI intro sequence

Nex Machina Boss
* Fixed Nex Machina being updated during game over screen
* Fixed Nex Machina lazer eye attack timing

World 2
* Tweaked visual look of the worlds (lighting, adding a bit more assets)
* Tweaked gameplay a bit

World 4
* Level 01 – Fixed being able to burrow into undesired area
* Tweaked visual look of the worlds (lighting, adding a bit more assets)
* Tweaked gameplay a bit
* Level 10 – Fixed an issue where some blocks would remain invisible on the playfield after destruction

World 5
* Tweaked visual look of the worlds (lighting, adding a bit more assets)
* Tweaked gameplay a bit
* Level 14 – Fixed an issue where players could enter a part of the level they weren’t supposed to

World 6
* Tweaked visual look of the worlds (lighting, adding a bit more assets)
* Tweaked gameplay a bit
* Level 4 – Fixed an issue where the gameplay flow would freeze sometimes
* Level 15 – Fixed beams abruptly killing the player

* Remove all power-ups from player at the moment of final death (so they don’t show up on HUD before the continue screen)
* Remapped Dash and Special recharge bar values slightly to match min/max bar visuals correctly
* Keep player hitbox always visible during boss fights

* Proceed from title screen with any key
* Changed keyboard ENTER and TAB button icons (PC only)

* Added yellow bullets for player 2 in co-op (matches the player color)
* Fixed special weapon token gravitating to player with another special weapon already equipped in co-op
* Fixed crash during Yeti Kong boss battle when other player picks up extra life
* Fixed dash reset on respawn to apply only to respawned players

* Fixed Hero difficulty replays
* Fixed replay issues in rare cases
* Fixed replay issues between AMD and Intel processors
* Fixed Nex Machina boss replay issues

* Added beam hit particle effect when dashing through damage shapes
* Tweaks to bullet fade
* Tweaked level transitions to eliminate some cases where transitions looks bad
* Tweaked Nex Machina boss effects

* Removed „The culling – Assassin“ feat as such enemy doesn’t exist in the game
* Unlock complete Hero feat when destroying Supreme AI

* Updated trophy icons
* Changed platinum trophy name
* Tweaked some trophy descriptions for various languages
* Fixed various trophies which weren’t unlocked in given time in trophy’s description
* Fixed arcade complete trophies not unlocking on Supreme AI death
* Fixed bunch of trophy descriptions on Polish for Steam (PC only)

* Added some missing Chinese characters (PC only)
* Added some missing Japanese characters (PC only)
* Minor localization fixes in various languages
* Tweaked Polish translation

* Added audio effect for pre-death hit for player

* Added ending videos

* All v1.05 (Steam,, HumbleStore and PS4) builds are identical regarding gameplay / content (check the version number from game’s main menu)
* This build was released on Steam and Also HumbleStore sells Steam keys.

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