SNIPER ELITE 4 – Patch 1.03 erschienen

Rebellion hat heute dem Spiel Sniper Elite 4 einen weiteren Patch spendiert. Wir haben die Patchnotes für euch:

  • Fixed rare but important bug where game progress could be lost when save profile data got too large.
  • For those who have already lost progress, the game will attempt to load the incomplete profile and re-issue as much progress as possible.
  • If the problem persists, contact our tech support:

Players that have experienced this problem should now find their Sharpshooter Tokens refunded and previously purchased weapons locked. They will need to visit the loadout screen and re-purchase those weapons.

Mastery/upgrade  progress will not be lost, even if weapons are now locked (until re-purchased)

All unlocked DLC weapons are unaffected.

Artikel erscheint am 14. Februar 2017

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