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SNIPER ELITE 4 – Patch 1.07 erschienen

Rebellion hat heute für Sniper Elite den Patch 1.07 veröffentlicht. Dieser knapp 4 GB Patch bringt unter anderem weitere Inhalte mit sich. Wir haben die Patchnotes für euch:


The second chapter and mission in the new three-part campaign for Sniper Elite 4 for 1-2 players.

Agent Karl Fairburne has recovered the ‘Deathstorm’ package – canisters full of deadly plutonium particles. Now he’s been dispatched to the Fascist-occupied north of Italy to find out what the Nazis are planning for their new weapon. The beautiful medieval town of Niroli, now a regional centre for the Nazi propaganda machine and garrisoned with a strong Italian force, holds the key to Deathstorm.

The new SNIPER ELITE®4 content doesn’t end there; The URBAN ASSAULT EXPANSION PACK also arrives on April 25th packed with 8 urban-themed rifle skins, male and female ghillie characters and 3 iconic new weapons: the Winchester, Sten and Walther PPK.


In addition, Rebellion have released a


packed with new content and gameplay tweaks (see patch notes here:).

A free new map, “Urban”, works across Survival mode and all competitive multiplayer modes, including a returning favourite – Capture the Flag!

Stay tuned for more updates in late Spring and Summer as Sniper Elite 4 continues to deliver fans a compelling flow of free and paid post-launch content.

PATCH 1.3.0


  • Adjusted stats for Swedish Mauser Rifle.
  • Camera improvements for Panzerfaust.


  • The second chapter in DEATHSTORM is now live!
  • New weapon – The Prototype Neunfaust (Deathstorm 2 Only)
  • New enemy type – The Valkyrie (Deathstorm 2 Only)
  • AI equipped with shotguns attempt to close more aggressively.
  • Environment tags are no longer available in “Authentic” difficulty.


  • New game mode added – Capture the Flag
  • New map added – URBAN (multiplayer and survival)
  • Prone players will no longer collide with one another (to prevent an exploit [*]where players could escape map boundaries)
  • Added anti cheat measures for all MP maps.
  • Last Man Standing game mode now pings players on the map if it detects too much inactivity.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for “No Manual Reloading” Challenge on Mission 8
  • Various environment bug fixes for Campaign and Multiplayer levels
  • Combat Finesse and Ammo Abundance now affect overall custom difficulty and long shot difficulty correctly updates.
  • Aim reticule will now turn red if the only thing blocking the shot is foliage.
  • Fixed quick-scope exploits.
  • Fix auto-fire-on-load issue with saves during chambering. Various other weapon interactions also fixed.
  • “All Clear” notification now appears only when all AI are no longer alert, meaning co-op players will not see it if their partner is still in combat.
  • Fix for AI having no weapon.
  • Fix for birds landing in mid air.
  • Fix issue with wide-field-of-view bullet-cams when in ultra-widescreen resolutions.
  • Improve handling of corrupt profiles.
  • Fix subtitle scaling for eyefinity.
  • Dropped player weapons now retain the correct quantity and type of ammo.
  • Killing other players no longer provides score in Survival.
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