STEEP – Patch 1.08 veröffentlicht !

Aus dem Hause Ubisoft erschien heute ein neuer Patch für das Wintersportspiel STEEP
Hiermit wird das Spiel auf die Versionsnummer 1.08 erhöht.

Ubisoft hat heute den Patch mit der Versionsnummer 1.08 für das Wintersprtspiel Steep veröffentlicht, welches in unserem  Test mit 4 von 5 Sternen bewertet wurde .

Der Patch 1.08 hat eine Downloadgröße von beachtlichen 5,274 GB.

Die, leider englischen, Patchnotes gibt es natürlich auch:

STEEP v1.08


Improved Item Preview

Scrolling is now disabled when looking at an item on the Customize page.

Appearance of score panels match Steep World Tour requirements

Lower left-hand score panel has been improved for challenges that are part of a Steep World Tour series.

Enhanced Onboarding

We reworked the Checkpoints.

Players now have more guidance when using the binoculars.

We fixed some bugs and breaks in player experience flow.


Typo mistake in the sentence displayed after qualifying for the Tournament.

Tournament: the scoreboard is still displayed even if you don’t have any tries left for a challenge.

Tournament: during the validation phase, there’s no leaderboard on the Live page.

The challenge scoreboard doesn’t have the tournament information after playing the first Qualifier.

No ambient music is played in Freeroam if Copyright Music and Playlist are turned off in the Alps Massif.

The image of the map location in the Progress page does not change when switching between worlds.

The Community Challenges are duplicated in the Progress page when switching between worlds.

You win the memorable moment „Outshine the Community“ every time you beat the challenge.

Removed a white line in the UI of the customization menu around the snowman jacket.

Clouds are popping when riding in fog ambiance.

Challenge music keeps playing indefinitely and overlaps with other audio after quickly going from Alaska to Alps during a challenge with a soundtrack.

Player can move his character when using binoculars.

Error message „NE-0000“ is received when users join another player when moving between the two worlds.

„Perfect Air“ and „Slash Challenge“ are displayed in English in multiple languages.

The text „Reward“ is overlapping the credit amount in the Branded Challenge container in multiple languages.

Several infrequent crashes.

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